To inspire self discovery by exposing vulnerability.

Uncork: To release or unveil; unleash: to uncork one's pent-up emotions.

UnCorked Theatre was created to break down the walls and expose the truths about human beings; a tunnel in to their thoughts and emotions. We love the mess, the untouched subconscious, because that’s where the gold is and where the magic begins.

Understanding ourselves better is a fascinating journey, and something we like to both explore and entice in others. When experiencing our productions, we want you to feel like you are a fly on the wall, witnessing something you shouldn’t be. This gives you, our audience, the opportunity to see yourself in the lives of our characters. It allows you to relate to them on a very personal level, thus triggering a sense of self reflection.

Raw emotion. Real conversation. Iconic storytelling. That’s what we love. We create opportunities for our characters to feel vulnerable, and then we put you right beside them. It’s the most beautiful way to feel uncomfortable.

We hope you can join us for a night of voyeuristic theatre. Come meet our characters, follow your instincts, and choose your own path. But no matter where the journey may take you, the destination will always remain the same: your own psyche.